Mouth-Watering Breads & Sweets from Great Harvest

Great Harvest breads and sweets

Fresh Bread. Fresh Ingredients. Every Day.

Our focus is to provide you with the best bread in Lansing. This means using the freshest ingredients every single day, including our very own fresh ground 100% whole wheat flour.

Our ingredients are all natural. This means we never use frozen dough, pre-mix formulas, dough conditioners, corn sweeteners, or preservatives.

To provide the Lansing area with the freshest and most delicious breads, our bakers mill our flour with a stone mill right here in our bakery, everyday. We guarantee our breads to be fresh for 7-10 days if stored correctly.

Great Harvest Bread Lansing Cheese Garlic
No preservatives. No "unnatural" ingredients. We aim to provide only the freshest and best for our Lansing neighbors. Come taste the Great Harvest Bread difference.